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What I’ll Need

  • Character reference images are preferred but a good detailed description will work too.
  • What sort of pose or mood you want for the character.
  • Your email address so I can give you progress updates and let you know when it is done.

How this will work

  • Email me with the info I requested above as well as what type of commission you are wanting by filling out the form below.
  • After I confirm your commission request I’ll provide you with a price quote and I will supply you with the payment options.
  • Once full payment is received, I will work on your image.
  • When sketch is complete I will send it to your email for review.
  • If any changes were requested, I will do so then finish the image.
  • After I finish the image, I will email a hi-res copy to you. (Not mailing original work at this time.)

What you can do with the image

  • Post at your art gallery or your website WITH CREDIT to me, FelonyKat (or M. E. Bartley).
  • Make an icon or graphic or whatever with as long as no profit will be gained.
  • Color the image WITH CREDIT to me for the line work.

What I will not draw

  • Pornography (nude poses are ok).
  • Gore (honestly I’m not the best at guts and bones XD).
  • Anything that promotes hate and animosity.
  • I reserve the right to turn down a commission if I feel I am unable or not wishing to do it.

Time it will take

  • Depending on how much you are wanting, times will vary. It should not take me any longer than a few weeks to complete a full colored image.
  • I will not start doing any work until I am paid in full.
  • You have ten (10) days to send me full payment from the day of the requested commission. If I do not receive payment, I will assume you are no longer interested and remove you from my queue.
  • I will only make up to 2 change requests to an image. ¬†Any more than that and additional fees will be added for extra time.
  • Should there be anything that comes up which causes me to not be able to finish an image, we can discuss retribution (refund, partial refund for what was completed, etc.).

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