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Update – 11/15/11

There’s a lot this update! – New things in 2011 folder for Artwork. – New Guest Art from current artists and even some new Guest Artists. – New archive added for my Copic Marker work. – New page up in Byyr with more on the...

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Update – 09/18/11

Heh been awhile since I’ve posted but there have been updates to the site. Minor ones but eh. Byyr is being redone since a.) I know more of what I’m doing now and b.) I wasn’t pleased with how it looked the first go around....

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Felonious Update – 06/11/11

Hey there, fellow fiends!  There have been some updates to the site as of late. – New artwork has been added for 2011 in the Official Artwork section – New art by Nee Knight, Vissy and Mystiqe – A commissions page is available as I...

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Hello Fellow Fiends!

My site, as you can tell, has been given a spiffy overhaul and had not only the layout changed but things added!  Thanks goes to MoDaD, for working on this for me. ^_^ One of the newer features to my site that I hope to...

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