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Update March 13th 2015

Hey there fellow fiends!

Been awhile since I last updated.  The eye surgery I mentioned last update at the end of October 2014 unfortunately had not done well.  To get an idea of what I’m seeing out of my left eye, take a white plastic bag and try and look through it.  It’s not quite that white out but it is pretty close.  I’m adjusting slowly, relying more on my right eye which does affect my drawing.  I have gotten the hang of being a one eyed artist for now and am back on track.  It will be awhile before I will know anything on when my vision will return fully, if it ever does.

What’s new:

Back by popular demand, Cindy Ramey of Poecat Comix and I have started issue #2 of our fan comic SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron. You can find it here hosted at the SWAT Kats Encyclopedia.

9 Lives & Counting will resume weekly updates again for issue #1 in mid April.  I’ve got the next page nearly complete and with help from Cindy Ramey’s inking my sketches, two more pages are inked with more in the way.

Uploaded new images in almost all the Official Artwork galleries as well as added a new gallery for 9 Lives & Counting related artwork.

What’s coming:

Byyr will see a second issue at the end of the year.

Nox Prophecy’s return date hasn’t yet been decided.

Convention Schedule:

Due to various factors, I am unable to go to Lexington Toy and Comic Con this year.  This is the first year since it began that I’ll be missing.  I am limited on convention going this year but I hope to at least attend Derby City Comic Con again (I was there in 2013 with Poecat Comix).  Wizard World is returning to Louisville and is a possibility.  When things are for certain, I’ll make an announcement.

– Fel

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