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Update 08/04/14

Had a good time at Fandomfest!  Thanks to those of you who stopped by the table.  One of the things I enjoy about conventions is talking to people, so hopefully I didn’t talk anyone’s ear off. 😉 We had great neighbors as well and overall the attendees were wonderful.  Fandomfest is a possibility for my yearly convention rotation.  I’ll make a post on my con schedule for 2015 when I’ve got it settled.

Starting next week, 9 Lives and Counting will continue seeing weekly updates.  Byyr issue 2 will begin this winter and Nox Prophecy is being worked out scriptwise at the moment.  SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron however will not be seeing any second issue anytime soon.  As it is just a fun fan comic, it isn’t high on the priority list of things to be done.

There is artwork that will be uploaded here soon for a site update.  More detailed character information will be added as well.  There may be a change in site layout too as I am wanting to update the look of this place.

Thanks again to those who stopped by at Fandomfest and who have been a great support to me and my art in general.

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