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Update August 14th, 2014

Hello there fellow fiends!

I still haven’t gotten to update my site yet but expect new art to be added soon.  9 Lives & Counting has been updated however and will continue to see weekly updates every Monday.

Not going to be at any more conventions in 2014, but I am planning on at least three for 2015.  First I am considering trying out Conglomeration which is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention that sounds pretty neat as it is interactive.  Second I will plan on returning to Derby City Comic Con.  It has grown since I last attended in 2013 and we had a good time there.  The last one will be Louisville Comic Con done by Wizard World in November 2015.  I’ve heard good things about that one that was held in March this year so want to give it a go.  I haven’t registered yet for any of these as they are all so far off but most likely these will be it.  I’ll update my status on these when available.

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