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Update April 1st 2015

Hello fellow fiends!  I’ve good news and bad news.

The good is that it’s been confirmed and Class A Felony will be returning to Derby City Comic Con this year! I went in 2013 with Cindy Ramey of Poecat Comix and did fairly well for having as little as I did then. I thought it was a well organized convention, they had an area for the kiddos (it was the first convention I had my kiddo come with me) and now they’ve expanded so I have a good feeling about this.

The bad is that I’m going to have to have another eye surgery on my left eye. That graft never fully did take and my doc feels because my eyes are so large, that a larger portion should be transplanted so she’s going for a full cornea transplant instead of just a layer. Thankfully it’s another outpatient dealie but it will put me out of drawing commission for least a few days initially and depending on restrictions possibly longer. X_x I’m having this on April 21st… I wish I could have done it sooner but next week is spring break for the kiddos and I need to be able to watch them. The week after would have placed it on my birthday and that would kinda suck.

I need to get more pages ready to start regular updates. I want to try and get 9 Lives printed before the convention but I doubt that will be possible, so I will at least have it be more current. I have copies of Byyr left at least and will just direct folks to Nox and 9 Lives through my site’s QR code.  I do have a lot of jewelry, art cards, prints and original art though so anyone going feel free to stop by! ^_^

Anywho… if this doesn’t work, I think I’ll just wear an eyepatch like Nick Fury and be done with it.

– Felony (aka the one-eyed artist)

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