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Update – April 18th, 2015

Hello fellow fiends!

There’s not been a site update yet though I do have a few things to upload sometime soon.  My eye surgery got rescheduled on April 14th and a complication had me go back in on the 17th to fix.  All seems well now and I’m healing ok though the vision in my left eye isn’t fully correct yet.  Or as correct as it can me.  I’m not seeing fuzzy white anymore, just blurred and kinda got a yellow tint from blood and dye that will eventually go away.  My doctor feels really positive about replacing the whole cornea and I hope I can have a non fuzzy view soon.

Comic updates are delayed until further notice while I heal and commissions are still closed for the time being.  Thanks for your patience and understanding and I thank my friends and family for their well wishes and support.

– Fel

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