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Update – 09/18/11

Heh been awhile since I’ve posted but there have been updates to the site. Minor ones but eh. Byyr is being redone since a.) I know more of what I’m doing now and b.) I wasn’t pleased with how it looked the first go around. The cover and first two pages have already been redone, page three is in mid progress.

I went to my second comic related convention on the 17th, Cincinnati Comic Expo. Myself and fellow comic artist Cindy Ramey (aka Aerokat) have collaborated on a comic called Nox Prophecy. You can find it linked from my Links page but here it is for easy access: I have another comic in the works but so far only the script and character designs have been completed.

There’s a comic convention in Lexington next March that I may very well go to. I’m finding these conventions are a good learning experience as well as a fun place to meet people with similar interests. I’ll keep updating this site as regularly as possible. There’s just so much I want to draw but so little time to do it all. LOL

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