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Update 07-01-2013

Had a great couple of comic conventions this year at Lexington Comic and Toy Convention and Derby City Comic Convention!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by mine and Aerokat’s booth over at Poecat Comix. ^_^ Unfortunately I’m done with conventions for the rest of the year, at least as far as selling things. I may attend one or two but not sure yet.

The site here needs updating with new images.  My comics are still on hiatus for now, but Byyr and Nox will see new issues later this year, along with another comic 9 Lives & Counting.  Also myself and Aerokat have completed issue one of our fan comic SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron which can be found here at the SWAT Kats Encyclopedia. For those of you who have come here for the first time aside from comics there are lots of images to see from fan art to mine and others original character art. My character section will be updated within the month.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me via email ( or follow me on tumblr and/or twitter for the latest artwork and random things. ^_^

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