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Update 07-01-2013

Had a great couple of comic conventions this year at Lexington Comic and Toy Convention and Derby City Comic Convention!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by mine and Aerokat’s booth over at Poecat Comix. ^_^ Unfortunately I’m done with conventions for the rest of the...

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Update – 01/24/13

New year, new artwork! ^_^ Slowly updating things here after a server move. – New art in 2012 – New Copic Works Still need to update new Guest Art as well as more information. For the latest on what I’m up to, check out my...

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Issue 1, Page 23

To be continued… dun dun duuuun. No worries, a new issue will begin in a couple of months.

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Issue 1, page 22

Owen is a stubborn guy but Byyr is even more stubborn.

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Issue 1, Page 21

Maw Owen, she’s not so bad a demon, look she’s even begging! :3

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Issue 1, Page 20

Whuh oh, Byyr does not like the sound of them selling the place it seems.

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Issue 1, Page 19

Merle’s one kooky lady. XD

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Issue 1, Page 18

Ah nosy neighbors. Gotta love ’em. Not really. 😉

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